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- Please post your fic/art piece using the following template:

Posting Template:

[Subject Line]: Story/Artwork title [characters or pairing, rating]
[Body --]
Warnings: (if applicable)
Word count: (optional for authors)
Betaed by: (if applicable)
Summary: (if applicable)
A/N: (if applicable)

- Please tag your fic or art piece as follows:
author/artist name, era, character(s), pairing (if applicable), [i.e. beatrice_otter, original trilogy, han solo, leia organa solo, luke skywalker, han/leia]
There will be only ONE tag per character, even if that character has changed his/her name.  For example, whether you have about Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker, please use the "anakin skywalker/darth vader" tag.  Whether you have written Han/Leia EU or baby!Princess Leia on Alderaan, please use the "leia organa solo" tag.  List each major character in your story, and list characters both as individuals and as part of whatever pairing may be applicable.

*Tags may already be available for your characters.  In fact, they probably are.  Please take a look through our community tags. If an applicable tag has already been created for your pairing, please post your story/artwork, then click on the link to "Edit Tags" and select the pairing/character tag(s) you need.

- Stories must be at least 100 words in length.
* Fic: If your story is over 100 words and/or contains sensitive or explicit material, squick or character death, it must be behind cut tags.

-Multi-part stories should be linked together.  Each part should have links to every other part.

Artists: Use your discretion.

- I'd prefer that you post your work to the community (for archiving purposes) . Should you choose not to, please provide the correct subject and header information as well as a link to its actual location.
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Just a reminder, the first stories will start being posted on July 1. Prompts are still available for claiming, if you have time and want to write another.

In order to post your story, you will need to join the community if you haven't already.

We would appreciate it if you would have your story beta-read--have someone go through to spot any problems with grammar, plot, characterization, etc. Someone less involved in the story may be able to see things you can't. If you don't have a beta, you can probably find one at [ profile] beta_readers. If you wish to volunteer to be a beta for this challenge, please comment to this post.
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Here are all the prompts, ready for claiming.  Any fic or other fanwork is welcome; minimum word count for fics is 100 words.  Each prompt may be claimed by up to two different people.  To claim a prompt, leave a comment on this post with the date and prompt.  You may claim as many as you think you can write/illustrate/vid/etc in the time available.  You do not need a livejournal of your own; just let me know.  REMEMBER: incest and underage sex are not allowed.

Have fun, and spread the word!
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The prompt list is now closed. Thank you all for submitting prompts, we got a lot of good ones in all categories. The final prompt list for claiming will be up in a few days, so stay tuned!
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A reminder: prompt submission closes May 16.

So far things are going well; there are a good variety of prompts to choose from. We have: an average of eight prompts to choose from for each day. Going on the number of prompts in each category so far, each day will have two or three Prequel prompts, two Original trilogy prompts, and three or four Extended Universe prompts. Because the EU has far more prompts than the PT, and the OT has the fewest prompts of all. To my surprise, there are as many gen prompts as there are het and slash combined.
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First, everything's going well so far. We're getting some good prompts in, and there are some that I can't wait to see someone write--thank you to everyone who's thought some up. Some things I should make clearer about prompts: the phrase/word/idea/lyrics is not optional, and I reserve the right to add one if you don't provide one. Also, the plot element shouldn't be so detailed as to map out the whole story. The point is to give the authors inspiration.

PT, Owen: What he thought of Anakin, the one time they met -- family and blood
OT, General Madine: learning about the 2nd Death Star--fortune favors the bold
EU, Mara/Luke: The honeymoon - this wasn't what I had in mind.

Also, there are a lot of time travel requests, particularly in the EU prompts. I love a good time travel fic myself, but there are many other interesting things the characters could be doing, yes?

Keep the prompts coming, and spread the word!
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Hello all! I'm [ profile] beatrice_otter. [ profile] imadra_blue has allowed me to maintain this community for a while. There's been a sad lack of new Star Wars fic on LJ for a few months now, which is particularly sad when you consider we're ramping up for new media canon in the Clone Wars. So we're going to have a fic fest!

ETA: Prompt Submission is now closed.

Mini-FAQ )

So start listing prompts! Things you might want to write yourself, things you wouldn't write but would like to read, things to showcase people and things we don't see much of in fanfic, everything and anything is welcome.

And go spread the word!
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ETA: Please submit your prompts, and all questions/info to the current prompt post here.

Old info. )


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