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Title: Prude
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fialleril
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1477
Prompt: PT: Anakin/Padmé; He was a former slave from Tatooine, she was an aristocrat from Naboo--culture clash.
Characters: Anakin, Padmé, Sola, mention of Ryoo and Pooja
Summary: Anakin tells Padmé's nieces the facts of life, and Padmé is less than pleased.
A/N: Technically this is pre-Anakin/Padmé, as it's set during their visit with Padmé's family before they go to the lake retreat.

Prude )
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Title: The End of All Things
Author: [profile] jedi_em 
Rating: G
Word count: 399
Prompt: PT, Obi-Wan: His breakdown behind the door to a storage compartment on Padme's ship prior to his battle with Anakin on Mustafar.
Characters: Obi-Wan, mentions of Anakin and Padmé
Summary: Obi-Wan ponders his own guilt
Author's Note: I'm treading familiar ground here, so I hope this doesn't come off as too repetitive for those of you who have been following my untitled post-RotS ficlet series.  Oh, and yes, the title definitely was inspired by a line from The Lord of the Rings.

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Title: Hide and Seek

Author/Artist: Ariel Gray, under [livejournal.com profile] velvatier

Rating: Suitable for all audiences. Will probably bore kids under 13.

Prompt: PT, Padme/Anakin: dark fic - she knows something is wrong. Yes, I realize I didn't actually claim this and it was due yesterday. I was tired after being chased by under-twos all day. Sue me.

Summary: Padme waited far too long to confront Anakin with her suspicions regarding his darker nature.

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Title: White is the Color
Author: Pandora Beardsley [[livejournal.com profile] pandore27]
Rating: Mature
Prompt: Padmé Amidala/Dormé: Love in a dangerous time.

Author's Note: Yes, this was supposed to be posted July 6th. I was having trouble with it, so I dropped the prompt. I was then able to go on and finish it. I think there's a lesson in there somewhere.

It does deviate from the prompt in a few ways, but since I came up with it, and the prompt was really more like a guideline, I'm giving myself a pass.

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